About repositories available at github.com/davidmoten

Dave Moten is the lead Java developer at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra, Australia.

Here are the github repositories created by Dave that he wishes to highlight:

rtreeImmutable R-tree in java with reactive API
geoGeohashing utilities
xsd-formsWeb forms generator
xuml-toolsJava implementation of Executable UML
rxjava-jdbcRxJava utilities for use with jdbc database drivers
rxjava2-jdbcRxJava2 utilities for use with jdbc database drivers
rxjava-fileRxJava utilities for file events including tailing
rxjava-slf4jLogging utilities for RxJava
rxjava-extrasUtilities for RxJava 1
rxjava2-extrasUtilities for RxJava 2
rxjava-awsRxJava utilities for AWS services
loganGuerilla style log analysis tool
grumpyLightweight OGC WMS server
timesheetJQuery timesheet webapp deployed to Google App Engine
state-machineFinite state machine immutable class generator for Java
ppkConcise public/private key encryption
aws-maven-pluginBeanstalk deployment automation
hilbert-curveHilbert N-dimensional index to point conversion
guava-miniSelected guava classes
flatbuffersMaven artifacts for flatbuffers
fastdtwDynamic time warping library
functional-jpaFunctional utilities for use with JPA
viemVolatile Identity Entity Matching scala library
cake-patternDocumentation of scala cake-pattern for dependency injection
jnsWater movement modelling in java 8
jetty-demoDemos of multiple web frameworks using jetty
tile-joinerJoins map service tiles
java-script-templateEmbed java source in a bash script
subethasmtpSignificant rework of SMTP server project
api-gateway-java-lambda-cf-exampleFully deployable api gateway + lambda integration