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Dave Moten is the lead Java developer at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra. He's a keen contributor to open source on a number of fronts, especially reactive programming.


Immutable 2D R-tree in java with reactive API
Immutable 2D R-tree in java with Iterable API
Immutable n-dimensional R-tree in java
Generate web forms from XSD
Executable UML in Java
Reactive JDBC with RxJava 1
Reactive JDBC with RxJava 2 including non-blocking connection pools
RxJava 1 utilities including file tailing
RxJava 2 utilities including file tailing
RxJava 1 utilities for logging
RxJava 1 utilites
RxJava 2 utilities
RxJava 1 utilities for AWS especially SQS integrations
RxJava 2 utilities for AWS especially SQS integrations
RxJava 2 Flowables over HTTP(S)
OData v4 client code generator and MS Graph Api client
j.u.s.Stream alternative for sychronous use
Guerrilla style log parsing and graphing
Lightweight OGC WMS server
JQuery timesheet webapp deployed to Google App Engine
Finite state machine immutable class generator for Java
Concise public/private key encryption
AWS deployment automation
Hilbert N-dimensional index to point conversion
Creates and searches Hilbert indexes from flat files (on S3)
Selected guava classes like Optional, Preconditions, Lists, Sets
Maven artifacts for flatbuffers
Dynamic time warping library
Functional utilities for use with JPA
Volatile Identity Entity Matching scala library
Documentation of scala cake-pattern for dependency injection
Water movement modelling in java 8
Demos of multiple web frameworks using jetty
Joins map service tiles
Embed java source in a bash script
Significant rework of SMTP server project
Fully deployable api gateway + lambda integration
JUnit utilities
A simple performance comparison of Java and C
Advanced usage of java builder pattern
Generate builders using java code
A maven repo in AWS backed by S3 storage
Scripted creation of jenkins on ec2 with certs
Parent pom to make deployment to Maven Central easier
Demos Jetty with Apache Click, JSF, Jersey, Wicket, Spring MVC
Decrypts project properties for use in other plugins
Wraps text on word boundaries with many customizations
Supports JAXB and JAXWS tools for Java 8, 9, 10, 11+
Java IO utilities
Java implementation of Space Invaders using OpenGL
Short string compression in Java
B+-tree in java using memory mapped files
Java webapp that enables secure passing of One Time Links
Exposes git properties (commits) as maven pom properties
Generates images from PlantUML text source